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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that attending an orchestra may be a new experience for you, so we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What Do I Wear?
This one’s easy - wear whatever you want! Some audience members love to dress up and make it a special occasion, while others prefer to show up in something casual. You’ll find the Orchestra likes to wear a lot of black, but whatever you want to wear is fine with us.

When Do I Clap?
A lot of classical music is broken up into sections called movements. Think of it like courses in a meal. Some people prefer to save their applause for the very end of a work, whereas others like to show appreciation as each section finishes. You’ll find it is different at almost every concert. If you feel uncertain, take your cues from those around you, and clap like crazy when they do. You can be assured the musicians will appreciate your applause whenever you choose to give it.

When Do I Arrive?
Unlike going to the movies, or seeing your favourite band with supporting acts, Queensland Symphony Orchestra concerts start at their ticketed time. To ensure you experience all our concerts have to offer, it’s best to arrive between 20 and 30 minutes before a performance. This will give you enough time to locate the correct door to find your seat, get a drink, and relax after your day.

What If I’m Running Late?
Entering at an inappropriate time can cause disturbance to the musicians and your fellow audience members, therefore entry to Queensland Symphony Orchestra performances is restricted once a performance has begun. If you are running late, you will be admitted during a suitable break in the music or between pieces, and will be directed to the closest available seat. You will then be able to move to your ticketed seat during interval.

Do I Need to Know Anything About the Music?
Short answer? No! We find people who are new to orchestral music have just as good a time as those who have been coming for years. That being said, we do notice that those who understand a little about the music, often enjoy it more too. So if you’re interested, we host pre-concert talks at a lot of our performances where you can find out more about the music being performed. You can also learn about the music in our listening guides, which are available free at every performance. These guides are designed to give you prompts to listen out for, and background information to prepare your ears for the musical journey.

Anything Else?
Other than that, the general rules of courtesy apply:

  • Turn off your mobile phone – because our venues are usually acoustically superb and everyone will hear it!
  • Don’t talk during the performance
  • Cover your mouth when you cough

We think you’re going to love it!