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Did you know that QSO currently employs only 71 permanent musicians? A large symphonic repertoire demands a full strength orchestra of 88 permanent musicians.

We are committed to grow the orchestra in 2017 and invite you to contribute to the crescendo by making a gift now to help us increase the number of permanent musician positions by seven, to a total of 78 by the end of 2017.

Invest in your symphony orchestra now and be instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.

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Post a cheque or money order to: Queensland Symphony Orchestra, GPO Box 9994, Brisbane, QLD 4001.

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Anna Coles – Director Development  Phone 07 3833 5050
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Phil Petch – Philanthropy Services Officer  Phone 07 3833 5017 

QSO Double Bass Player for 30 years

Anne Buchanan Anne Buchanan was always destined to become a musician. Growing up on a farm, she was often seen in the paddocks with the family’s pink transistor radio. Her mother, an amateur musician, taught Anne how to read music and play piano and so it became her dream to be a concert pianist. This dream was hijacked however when she discovered the double bass! Her slight interest in Jazz and her strong woman’s lib spirit resulted in a match made in heaven.

Studying in Vienna for five years with one of the world’s top bass players was one of the most significant experiences of Anne’s life. During her time in Vienna, she got the opportunity to hear so many world class musicians and orchestras, and even managed to bribe her way into a sold-out concert of the Wiener Philharmonic. Anne busked on one of the world’s most famous busking streets earning enough to feed herself and play in small ensembles, travelling to Japan, Korea, France, Iceland, Italy, Germany and Morocco.

Back in Australia, Anne began with the Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra in 1987 and stayed through the amalgamation, becoming an instrumental part of the Orchestra for 30 years. Why this long? Anne loves the people in the orchestra, many of whom she’s been friends with since she started. Anne remembers when she first met other classical musicians as a student in university she felt she had finally ‘come home’. And of performing, “it is tremendously rewarding when the ‘magic’ happens on stage … when that collective energy is harnessed to the one cause … then I get to share that with an audience and hopefully add to people’s lives … I think I have the best job ever!”

Anne likens the importance of the orchestra to a church or gallery, its job is to preserve our musical history and keep it alive. She personally loves that fact that she can share a joke by Haydn across the centuries; that she can feel Bach’s spirituality; and that she goes to work with her instrument, music and pencil just like a musician would have done 200 years ago. She believes that music IS timeless.

There was a time when Anne questions whether playing music was contributing, doing any good. She even considered changing careers to medicine. However what has helped her change her mind is when she’s met an audience member who has been genuinely touched by her performance. She knows that without her contribution, the orchestra would not be the same. As a bass player, Anne is not looking for limelight as she believes music and the gift of music is its own reward, however having a chair donor would “to me feel like a kind of acknowledgement of my part in the music making, even though I don't have a ‘starring role’.”

To find out how you can sponsor a musician like Anne through the Chair program please contact:

Phil Petch – Philanthropy Services Officer
Phone 07 3833 5017