Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians bring the joy of music to the Maranoa and Western Downs – strings most definitely attached!

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Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians bring the joy of  music to the Maranoa and Western Downs – strings most definitely attached!

Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) is taking their music to the country, with the Orchestra’s string quartet to visit schools in Maranoa communities of Roma and Wallumbilla, and woodwind musicians to visit the Western Downs communities of Chinchilla, Miles and Tara in March.

The visits are part of the QSO Connect program, an innovative partnership between Australia Pacific LNG operated by Origin and Queensland Symphony Orchestra, delivering quality music education and concert experiences to students in regional Queensland.

The QSO string quartet musicians will visit Roma and Wallumbilla, presenting schools concerts and working with Maranoa Music in rehearsal. Schools from St John’s Catholic School, Roma State College and Wallumbilla State School will have the opportunity to attend concerts. In great news for the musicians of tomorrow, string students from these schools will be taking part in workshop sessions with QSO musicians.

The QSO woodwind musicians will visit Chinchilla, Miles and Tara, with school concerts for students from Chinchilla Christian College, Chinchilla State School, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Chinchilla, Miles Primary School, Drillham Primary School, Dulacca Primary School, and Tara Shire State College. Students will hear the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, and French Horn in concert while beginners and more advanced students will attend workshop sessions.

QSO musicians will also attend a rehearsal of the Chinchilla Concert Band, playing side-by-side with community musicians, in another wonderful experience for all involved.

As part of QSO’s We’re Sharing the Joy program to give back to the community, musicians will also play for residents at Illoura Village Aged Care.

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#Tour details

Tuesday 9 March


6pm: Chinchilla Concert Band side-by-side rehearsal

Wednesday 10 March


9am: Chinchilla State School schools concert

10.15am: Chinchilla Christian College schools concert

11.30am: Chinchilla Christian College workshops

2.00pm: Chinchilla State High School workshops

4pm: We’re Sharing the Joy at Illoura Village Aged Care


5.30pm Maranoa Music side-by-side rehearsal

Thursday 11 March


10am: Miles State School schools concert

11.30am: Miles State Schools workshops


9.30am: Roma State School schools concert

11am: St John’s Roma schools concert

1pm: St John’s Roma workshops

Friday 12 March


10am: Wallumbilla State School schools concert


10.15am: Tara Shire State College schools concert

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