Empire Theatre, Toowoomba

The Empire Theatre is the largest performing arts theatre in regional Australia, with modern seating for 1,565 people.

Empire Theatre, Toowoomba


The heritage listed theatre is a building with rich history and fine architecture, having been restored in detail to its finest detail.

Originally built in 1911, rebuilt in 1933 following a fire and finally restored and reopened in 1997, the Empire Theatre has served as an entertainment hub for Toowoomba and the surrounding areas for the past several decades, playing an integral part of the cultural development of the region. For further information about the amenities, location and parking, please visit the Empire Theatre website.

Empire Theatre Website


2 Carparks

Parking, including wheelchair accessible parking, is available in a choice of two car parks to the right when driving up Neil Street.

Parking times

Parking after 5.00pm Monday to Friday, after 11.30am on Saturday, and all day Sunday is free of charge. There is also parking available at the Neil Street Bus Interchange.

Additional parking

There is also parking available at the Neil Street Bus Interchange.



If you require mobility assistance, please call the Empire Theatres Ticketing Office on 1300 655 299 to reserve your tickets and notify the staff. They will arrange for a staff member to assist you when you arrive at the theatre.

Wheelchair seating

The Empire Theatre stalls are wheelchair accessible. There are limited seating options for patrons using a wheelchair and their guests. When making your booking, please advise staff.

Hearing assistance

Hearing loop facilities are available. Patrons with the teleloop facility on their hearing aid can access hearing assistance from rows A-P. When making your booking, please advise staff.