Instrumental Teaching Videos

Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians share their tips and
techniques about how to play each instrument.

French Hornist Vivienne Collier-Vickers provides some useful tips on how to maintain good posture when playing the French Horn.

Principal Bassoon Nicole Tait provides helpful insights into technical aspects of embouchure and breathing on the bassoon.

Associate Principal Trombone Ashley Carter talks through low and high trombone ranges.

Associate Principal Trombone Ashley Carter discusses how not to complicate breathing when playing the trombone.

QSO Violinist Sonia Wilson talks about how she approaches the bow technique 'staccato'.

Violin Martelé with QSO Violinist Sonia Wilson.

Violin Accents with QSO Violinist Sonia Wilson.

Principal Oboe Huw Jones provides some handy tips on oboe reeds.

Associate Principal Clarinet Brian Catchlove demonstrates how to achieve a good clarinet hold and posture.

Associate Principal Double Bass Dušan Walkowicz demonstrates how to play the Double Bass using a German Bow.

Double Bass positions

Associate Principal Cello Hyung Suk Bae explains how to practice vibrato on the cello.

Trumpeter Mark Bremner discusses how to achieve sound projection and resonance on the trumpet.

Associate Principal Flute Hayley Radke outlines different types of flute ornamentation.

Principal Timpani Tim Corkeron demonstrates the technique of dampening on the timpani to create clarity and definition of pitch.

Principal Timpani Tim Corkeron showcases the rolling technique required to develop the best sound in an ensemble setting.

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Queensland Symphony Orchestra respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which the Orchestra works, plays, and creates music, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.