We're Sharing the Joy

"This year has reminded me that music takes us to places that words can’t. Without an audience there is no live performance, there is no connection and there is no magic. Returning to the stage for the first time was incredible, you could feel the energy on stage from the audience, the anticipation and the excitement."

Kathryn Close, Cello

We’re Sharing the Joy is a give-back program where members of the Orchestra perform for Queenslanders, connecting with people to bring about hope, health and happiness in communities through music.

We’re Sharing the Joy started during the pandemic, with the idea to share the joy of music with those who need it most. To launch the program, QSO called on Queenslanders to nominate someone who deserved the joy of music and received over 200 nominations. Since then, more than 2,700 people have experienced We’re Sharing the Joy, from Brisbane to Chinchilla, Longreach and beyond, with the biggest being the full Concert Hall performance in 2021 for Queensland’s First Responders. There’s been performances in schools for children with special needs, in homes for our older communities, hospitals, at community centres after natural disasters and more.

We’re Sharing the Joy is now part of the QSO's Strategic Plan with Healthy Aging one of the Company's key pillars. QSO’s Health & Wellbeing Program is a multi-tiered, long-term program that features partnerships across the corporate, community and research worlds, aimed at working together to better understand and use the power of music.

“QSO takes such pride in performing in the Concert Hall and at venues, stages and open spaces across Queensland, and we believe another priority is harnessing the power of this music into a multi-faceted wellbeing program that can be the envy of all. Channelling the huge potency of music into real outcomes for our audiences, our musicians and communities and groups in need is the focus, and to realise this, we are work with Health and Wellbeing Queensland as our Principal Partner, Griffith University as our Research Partner and both Narbethong Special School and the world leading Hear and Say Centre as Community Partners,” said QSO Chief Executive Yarmila Alfonzetti.

Recently, participants from Micah Projects and the Lady Musgrave Trust were welcomed into the QSO Studio for a magnificent concert. They were joined by QSO Chief Executive Yarmila Alfonzetti, BDO Brisbane Partner Business Services Kasey O'Sullivan and Chief Executive of Micah Projects Karyn Walsh. *BDO also support Micah Projects and the Lady Musgrave Trust.

A surprise special guest at the concert was 93-year-old Pat Byatt who was a QSO violinist for almost 30 years from the mid-1970s.

On 2nd May, QSO delivered the first Healthy Aging Pilot, as part of the Health and Wellbeing Program, focused on Aged Care, Dementia and Isolation. Guests from Uniting Care experienced first-hand the health and wellbeing benefits off music in a full orchestral setting.

Our partners: Health and Wellbeing Queensland, Narbethong State Special School and Hear and Say

We recently visited our community partner, Hear and Say, where QSO musicians Nicholas Thin and Nicholas Tomkin provided a 'We’re Sharing the Joy' performance for children. It was wonderful to witness the beautiful reactions the little ones had to the music.

Thank you to our Health and Wellbeing Program partners who support our vision of providing hope, health and happiness to our communities:

Health and Wellbeing Queensland - Principal Partner
Hear and Say - Community Partner
Narbethong Special School - Community Partner
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University - Research Partner

Queensland Symphony Orchestra respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which the Orchestra works, plays, and creates music, and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.