Valmay Hill

Executive Director

Ros Atkinson

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive and Board Chair

#Business Services

Rodolphe Deus

Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Amy Herbohn

Financial Controller

Bernadette Fernando

Finance Coordinator

Louise Smith

Payroll Officer

#People and Culture

Lisa Meyers

Director - People and Culture

Madeline Gibbs

HR and WHS Coordinator


Timothy Matthies

Director - Artistic Planning

Elaine Seeto

Producer - Artistic Planning

Murray Walker

Producer - Artistic Planning

Judy Wood

Program Manager - Community and Education

Celia Casey

Coordinator - Community and Education Programs

#Performance Services

Peter Laughton

Director - Performance Services

Murray Free

Orchestra Manager

Vince Scuderi

Production Manager

Ben Shaw

Production Coordinator

Nadia Myers

Orchestra Librarian

Ruby Cooper

Library Coordinator


Toni Palmer

Director - Development

Belinda Edhouse

Manager - Relationships

Fiona Gosschalk

Manager - Development

Gabrielle Booth

Coordinator - Relationships

Tess Poplawski

Coordinator - Experiences

#Sales & Marketing

Matthew Hodge

Director - Sales and Marketing

Renée Jones

Manager - Marketing

Rachel Churchland

Coordinator - Public Relations and Digital Marketing

TJ Wilkshire

Coordinator - Marketing

Samuel Muller

Digital Content Specialist

Michael Hyde

Senior Sales Manager

Liz Thomas

Ticketing Services Manager

Tatiana Anikieff

Ticketing Services Officer

Katie Smith

Ticketing Services Officer

Cara Daily

Ticketing Services Officer


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