Compose Project

Compose Project

Students develop their skills in writing for orchestral instruments through workshops and face-to-face activities with composers and QSO musicians.

The QSO Connect Compose Project is designed to introduce secondary-school students to composing for orchestral instruments, extending students in the senior phase of their schooling beyond the general requirements of the curriculum. In 2022, students will write for the QSO Connect 13 piece ensemble.

The initial phase of this program is delivered in-class to larger groups of students, with a culminating phase where a small group of students work with QSO musicians to refine their writing, before presenting in a public concert. This fee-based activity is available by application to a small number of schools. It is designed to complement and extend the video and written materials in the QSO Connect Compose Resources package.

The QSO Connect Compose Project is proudly supported by our key education partner the Frazer Family Foundation.

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